I am manic, that much is true.
Often my BLOG entries have too many words....but yesterday and today I think that I may have entered too many images. Moderation has never been a strength of mine. It is all or none, and for many things in life like diets and homework....I had to choose none.
This weekend I donwloaded a mess of old images from various cards from my digital camera. Then in iPhoto there was this email function that was able to resize the images, guess I went a tad overboard. Oh well, the major drawback...it pushes the recent posts worth reading so far down the page that they are sure to never get read.
Oh well...
Guess I may have to link to other stories...
or have a BEST OF GWADZILLA BLOG section
who knows....
there has to be a better way
maybe thumbnail images that expand in an alternate JAVA window, but such Popup technology is not in my brain.
what is a guy to do?
or more importantly
what is a guy to do for lunch?

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