In the City....

There are certain advantages to living in the city. For example, on a day like today where I had all of this wood delivered. If I need a little help moving this wood. It seems that I needed to do was to walk up to Mount Pleasant Main Street and head over to the 7-11 and ask a few of the guys hanging out if they wanted to do some work. That easy. The language barrier was not too much of an issue. I spoke as much Spanish as these guys spoke English. I think that there was some initial hesitation. They walked slowly behind me as I walked slowly infront of them. I was skeptical of them as they were skeptical of me. I feared that they were going to jump me, and they were....well who knows....these are dangerous times.
All went well. They helped me move the wood. I gave them each 20 bucks and a couple of glasses of water. And then I went to work. Well, I went for a short spin on the bike, got a flat at Haines Point, and then rolled into work exhaused.

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