It is interesting....
kids are funny...
as a child develops and grows they often get to experience things for the first time several times
certainly my 4 month old son will recall his experiences with the 17 Year Cicada, but I am thinking more simple things....
like snow fall
as Dean has grow these things have come to mean different things to him in his short three years of life
next year he may recall the snow of the year prior
but this year? it could have seemed like the first time he encountered it

this goes the same for bicycles, tricycles, bike trailers, and butterflies

something may be introduced to Dean (or any child for that matter)
and it may not reach their appeal
but reintroduced to them some time later and it may meet their needs or interests at a different level

the bicycle trailer is something that had that effect on Dean
early in Dean's life I purchase one of the deluxe trailer models from Burley
sure Costco had a lesser version and at Target there was something from Bell that could have done the trick
but I went upscale
I can recall being so aggravated. Dean wanted nothing to do with this contraption.
The words circled through my head but never came to surface, "I PAID 400 DOLLARS FOR THIS TRAILER!!!!YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT!!!!AND YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT!!!!"
We tried it a few times....there were moments of pleasure, but a greater amount of complaining....and Dean is not a big complainer. Then one day Dean asked to go in the trailer. Seasons had passed since our previous experience, I had purchased an alternate helmet that would not flop over his face when he put his head against back rest. This alternate helmet is vital as Dean (and most children) tend to fall asleep immediately once the bike starts rolling. But when awake he loves the action around him! We talk. He checks stuff out. He eats, reads, plays with his toys.....it is a great little rickshaw and his is my little emperor!

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