Lance in Style...or in danger?

I have always felt strongly about this...
we have 5 senses
when riding our bicycles it seems like a bad idea to rule out hearing, this sense is second to sight in keeping us safe. It aids it our sense of touch and is vital in making a pass, being passed, and accessing danger around us.
This technology does look cool...or so one would think....there are those that think they look cool all stretched out on their tri-bars as they zip down the multi-use bike paths...
now that is not cool!
is this cool?

I say leave the iPod/walkman/and MP3 Sunglasses for when hanging at the pool or laying out on the beach, not when you are working out

you don't know home many snowboarders (and I too am a snowboarder) I have nearly crashed into because they were "IN THE ZONE" when they were actually ZONING OUT!

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