this day is slipping away
the Red Bull is in my veins and I have taken all that energy and put it in the wrong directions
managed to get a few things done
but need to knock out a few more
been playing a virtual hookie all day
tangent hopping from Blog to Blog
a random GOOGLE for a new BLOG took me to one site and then another
here are two I linked to earlier
Punk Ass Bitch and Facing Inward
these people are all going through life trying to figure it all out
to see other parents perspectives
I read their words and I see how young and alive these people are
and then I read further and I hear that their kids are older than mine
it is great to see that as much of a focal point a child may become in a parent's life
they do not have to forfeit their own interests

I may be a servant to two children and two dogs
but that does not mean that I can not be a servant with his own sets of interests

this time for real!

I must get to work!

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