My Man Grant!
It is tough having two dogs...how can you pet two dogs at the same time? Certainly you can give a better butt rub to your puppies with two hands rather than one! I have learned this and learned it well, although most of the time I do give both Roscoe and Brutus the failing one handed pat on the bum, I also try to make sure that I take the time to show them my love independently. It is exactly the same with Dean and Grant. I need to deal with them as a pair and I need to separate them and deal with them as individuals. When I speak with Grant I am concious that I am using some of the same words and same lines that I used with Dean, heck I used them with Roscoe and Brutus. To balance this out in Dean's mind I have since the arrival of Grant been very concious to tell Dean that "You are my BUDDY! and Grant is my BUDDY TOO!"
This goes for most love and most affection. I would not want Dean to think that I am going behind his back. Everything is up front and in the open. He knows the house shares a collective love. Each day I tell each and everyone in the house that I love them, I love them as a group, I love them as individuals!

all this ranting just to post this image of Grant Chillin!

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