One Week Since Snowshoe....
The buzz is still starting to wear off...
it is not so far in the past that I did not feel that it was inappropriate conversation at the parties of the weekend past
after all, some people would rather hear abour mud, rocks, and roots than how cute my two sons are
well, actually I just gave the stats to those who asked..."so you still riding your bike?"
"yea, last weekend I raced the 24 hours of Snowshoe....blah, blah, blah..."
blank stares come my way, wishing it was an emailed race report that they could just hit DELETE key
this is an image of Chris Redlack and myself about to go on our first lap
he left out with the baton seconds before me
I passed him on the climb
he passed me on the first technical descent
I passed him on the flats
he passed me in the woods
I was 20 yards behind him through the ridable single track
we popped out of the woodds, then up the first real climb I moved ahead and did not see him again til we were in the tent at the Start/Finish

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