Patapsco State Park
It would seem that I need to be re-introduced to the trails at Patapsco State Park. Night riding can have its fair share of confusion. But last night I shocked myself with my lack of recolection of a more sensible loop. Sure, we were out long enough and we only back tracked once, but, I still feel that I could have created a more fluid loop. Not that I am trying to beat myself up. It is more of a matter if I am going to get out and hit the trails I would like my time to be well spent.
I was pleased when I we found the field crossing, but was shocked when we crossed a street and I could not find where the trail picked up. I recognized a good bit of the trial, even in its new and unimproved state, but I could not find a few sections of trail that I was looking forward to riding.
It was a great ride any way that we look at it.  The single speed worked out pretty well for those trails. It may have been a better combo for dave to be on his geared hardtail while I push the rigid single, but that is not how we headed out there.
Most of the sections of the climbs that I was unable to clear on the single would have been little different on the geared bike. I hesitate to go for the granny and the granny may have lacked the tork to get me up the steep and over the obstacles.
enough about Patapsco.
when is the next ride?
when am I going to pack that rear hub?
am I going to race this weekend?
or am I going to be a rational adult and work on my deck project?
part of me does not want to chicken out on the Michaux Rock Fest
while another part of me feels if this does not get done soon it may never be done!

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