Peter Pan
Peter Pan is alive in many of us. For some us us it shows on the outside, while others it is on the inside, with Jason Farrell it exists both inside and out....entirely in a good way as he was mature in ways at the age of 17 that I have not been able to achieve at 37. We don't speak often enough these days so when I got this image in email correspondence from him today I was not sure if this photo was taken then or now....a closer look at the equipment and that the skater in the background is a woman (not a betty brings this image to the modern day, clearly more women skating now than then)

I will try to link some of his stuff
he is an artist, a musician, and a counter culture jock
his cliff jumping at great falls was always artful
(and humbling to watch)

jason is a fine artist who paints and sculpts
oh, and I forgot....film maker
he is also a graphic artist whose work dates back to Fanzine ads for the Sunshine House in the '80s and many beautifully designed albums and cds for Discord Records
here is a great interview
and his music....GOOGLE it yourself
I am tired of making links
and feel that I best go to bed

oh...no name dropping here
Jason Farrell is not famous
he may never be famous
he will always be an artist
he will always be pumped
he will always inspired people

here is a RETISONIC self directed video

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