Potomac Velo Club: Wednesday at Wakefield

The RESULTS are posted!


The Clydesdales went out at the 7PM races, the singles speeds went out at 6PM. I raced my single speed in the Clydesdale Class. Felt strong, felt fast. My times look pretty good and I had a pretty good time....actually I had a dam good time. Came off that course smiling! Tried to really enjoy myself out there, which is difficult to do and still maintain speed. There is a balance.

Time to drink a little more coffee, walk the dogs, and head to work. Lisa just went out the door with the two boys. She stole my Dean drop off duty, but she left me with the dogs.

Okay Roscoe and Brutus, i am coming, just wanted to take a look at the results.

Silly, but it is fun to crunch the numbers and make some comparisions.

oh, it looks like the Clydesdale in le Tour may have dropped off at the base of the mountain stages. Not the best of role models as I set my sites on the SM100 and its miles and miles of off road climbing.

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