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Today Saturday was fun packed....
After sleeping late this morning, 7:45, I brushed my teeth, grabbed my coffee, and took the dogs for a half loop in the woods across the street. No desire to risk allowing lisa to be late for yoga. Back from the woods, loaded Dean's bike his helmet and our yoga matts. As I am going for a second load, lisa is headed out the door. Being an Olympic level multitasker she has Grant in the car seat, a bag packed with diapers/food/fixens/anything needed, and Dean fully dressed and already in the full understanding that he is headed to the car. We load up and pull out. Lisa is dropped off at the Ashtanga Yoga Center at Tenley and I am off to Turtle Park with the boys.
It is early, just minutes past 8. We are not the first set of kids there, but there is no one there riding their bikes on the basketball court, so dean does a few turns, crashes once or twice, rides some more, then gets lured to the toddler area. There are more kids there since we first arrived. But for the most part the kids all play indepenently, they play with greater intensity and greater creativity with other kids around, but they rarely share play at this stage...paralell play. Dean amazes me, he has an adgenda. He thinks some stuff through. The bigh wheels are gone from the park, that is what initially drew us to this park, but there are still various other cars and toys take up the hard packed dirt mound. Dean heads up with this large plasitic car, the wheels are funky, he considers the downhill ride, but choses against it wisely after a test run. Then he opts to take this same car into the jungle gym...
Okay enough cute dad shit. Even I got bored/
I was leading into something about one week after Snowshoe I was unintentionally on the bike at the same time as my first lap. Trying again to break an hour, this time I did it. Only not on a muddy, rocky, rooty, course in West Va, but rather on my rigid commuter with Dean in the trailer. He was asleep in under 10 minutes, but I had a good ride just the same.....got to my dad's and we swam!
We swam and we swam....I grilled...then we swam some more.
I am exhausted....
some many ideas
but not fast enough fingers
and not focused enough brain
guess I will mix another drink

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