Riding...Planning Rides...Group Rides...etc.

Last night I went for a night ride. It is pretty basic stuff. Get your bike, your gear, and you go. As we all know it is not always that simple. Yesterday was the usual email battle. It started off with me sending out an email saying that I was ready to go mountainbiking that evening, lights on the charger and everything. Immediately I get an email back from my brother saying that this was not enough notice. Oddly enough, it was my brother who had started the whole night ride email by saying that he could night ride on Monday or Tuesday. By this time, mondya had passed, and tuesday was our only option. After my response he recalled that he had infact started that scheduling opportunity. Then there was a back and forth on where we should ride. I wanted to go to Patapsco State Park, while my brother was lobbying for Cabin John. Then there was all sorts of back and forth, then some more back and forth, until finally we had established that patapsco was the choice and that we would settle in on a time when everyone got home......Then Dave shows up at my house with his rigid single speed...I put away my geared hardtail bike and grabbed my rigid single speed and we were off.
The ride went well.
Then I find emails from my brother showing his frustration in my INBOX this morning.
It is tough to coordinate the simpliest of rides. Everyone has their own needs and their own agenda. That is why most of my rides are solo. Most of my approaches to the races are solo.
The email back and forth between my brother and myself continues. Apparently he wants an apology. But I never said I was going to call. He misunderstood. On Sunday I said I would call if I was going for a ride. I did not go for a ride, so I did not call. As for last night....I never said I was calling anyone. I said I was going riding. And I went riding.
riding can be a pain in the ass

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