In life we all search for meaning.
Although I am not a religious person, I do believe in god or at least some sort of higher power.  My understanding or conception of god is a modification of the catholic god that I was brought up to believe in, a very loose adaptation. If I were to believe in this version of religion it would be hard for me to go on faith that any of the stories in the bible are anything more than stories. Good rules for life, but more like fables with lessons than historical accounts of things that actually happened. Not unlike George Washington chopping down the cherry tree or George W. heading to Iraq to fight terrorism, these are just tales told so many times that people have taken them as actual accounts of history, while we all know that they are just stories.

I use to joke that I had an agreement with god, 'I don't go in god's house and he does not go into mine."  Well, that is not true.  I welcome any outside source that can aid my family to a safe and healthy future, this does not rule out god. Going to church is not anything that has ever appealed to me, guess god should have made the weekend longer if he wanted me to go to church. With only one sunday and mountainbike races, sleeping late, and hang overs to recover from I just can not find the time for church. Not to sound selfish, but I just never got anything out of it. It never made me think any more, it never made me feel any better, feel any more awake, or feel more alive.  Riding my bike or going to Yoga can be a more religious experience for me than going to church.  And this is after going to church a great deal.....catholic school for 7 years and acting as an alter boy for at least 5 years.....that was a lot of 7 am masses in spanish and a good number of math classes missed to serve funerals.

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