Six Feet Under
Blogging about TV? Now, I have hit an all time low. I tend to have all these great observations of the world that I want to blog about, but by the time I am at home from a post work bike ride (the bike is where the blog ideas blossom), walk the dogs in the woods,  hang with the wife and the kids, figure out the answer to the age old question, "what's for dinner?" shuttle Dean off to bed, make sure Lisa does not need any help getting Grant to bed, by this time I am brain dead. Last night I turned on the laptop with the best of intentions and got sucked into HBO's series Six Feet Under. I must admit there are some genius minds working for HBO. They produce an entertaining series after entertaining series. But the writers/producers of last week's Six Feet Under hit a new high for this series. It started playing out in its natural soap opera based in a funeral home direction, but when they got into the hitchhiker tangent of the story! Well, it was like Farrah in Extremities. It got to be really intense, complex as well as intense, tehn downright scary. Definitely cured me of ever wanting to pick up a hitchhiker or even help a stranger ever again for that matter!

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