Skipping Stones, not Skipping Work
This morning Lisa had Grant in the Baby Bjorn and walked Dean over to the Rosemount Center for a day of what Dean calls "art class." That left me with a few more minutes to drink my coffee and hike the dogs. I headed towards the Rockefeller Loop, but then opted for water. It is hot and the dogs love it. I may not get walk as much, but the dogs get to cool off in the refreshing waters of Rock Creek. As we walked the same trail across the street from my house Roscoe and Brutus showed interest in heading to the water, when I started that way they rushed to my side to get the leashes on their colars so we could cross the street. We crossed the street cautiously and watched the commuters all "slow and go" at the stop sign and then made our way to the start of the Melvin Hazen trail. Rather than hike the Melvin Hazen I gave into the dogs urges to chase the stones that I skip. It is not a bad deal....I like to skip stones and the dogs in that dumb dog way like to chase the skipping stones. It is a good work out for them and can have a mixture of soothing and aggravating for me. They can get so demanding, their Retriver half comes out and they start demanding more skipped stones with this annoying bark. I scan the ground for rocks and usually find some good ones.  The process of bluffing to coral the dogs each to one side and then sending them down the creek at full speed the other direction. This is the process of back and forth, then back and forth, then back and forth again and again. There is some occassional duck chasing mixed in, but none today. Then a glance at the watch. SHIT! It is nearly ten after nine, best we head back up the trail towards home, just 10 minutes away, but I still need to suit up mount the bike and roll down two zip codes to work (okay, 15 minutes max, no pedaling needed)
I get home, get distracted, do some clean up and arranging of the office. We swapped out the office for the bedroom and the bedroom for the office. (does it get annoying how I repeat stuff, you know say the same thing twice like that?)
Then finally I am on the bike and headed down town. I am on the Surly single speed, mud and race numbers are still on from the night before. I have a slight feeling of being that geek with a lift ticket still on his jacket, but I do not need to stall any longer. The single speed seems like a more rational option, I have been to lazy to swap out the front wheel on my commuter.
well...here I am at work
it is a little past 10am
updating a few laptops with the latest Microsoft Critical Update
and thinking that I may want to eat some of that yogurt I have in the fridge
it ain't Dannon, but it is there

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