tired of hearing it

well here is an image of me back on the bike rounding off the wall a great view that I did not see as I was too busy to look up and around

and here is us lining up for the awards as we finished
3rd in Men's VET (35years+)
scroll forward with the arrows to see the 2nd and 1st place team....do I appear slightly larger than the other people there? or am I standing closer to the camera?

this may be the last you hear about snowshoe
the buzz is wearing off

now it is time for me to start thinking about putting some actual miles on the bike
as I just signed up for the Shenandoah Mountain 100 (The SM100)
That is 100 miles off road, well maybe 98 miles off road. A wonderfully designed course that has more up hill miles than most riders and racers log in a season, much less one single race. But with all the long climbs there are rewarding descents, well with almost all the climbs....the last climb rewards you with the finishline!

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