So much to BLOG about and so little time
Yesterday was an interesting day....well, not really. But there are some things that are hard to explain. As a bicycle commuter the notion of riding while sick is hard to explain to people, heck, the notion of riding to and from work while healthy is hard to explain to people. Years ago I learned that there are always so many excuses not to workout or ride that it is best not to listen to them, well, yesterday I may have been better off listening to my body.
Promptly at 5PM I slide down the dinosaur and onto my bike, I rode through Georgetown unsure of my path, always questioning..."how much time do I have?"..."how far do I want to go?"...."what direction do I want to take?"
On this particular day I opted for the carfree paved Capitol Crescent Trail. With the ground wet, a strong headache, and sore legs I pedaled from Georgetown to Bethesda, fighting a wobbly front wheel all the way. The broken spoke in the front was enough to really slow the pace, thus causing me to alter my total distance. At Bethesda Avenue I turned it around and spun rapidly down the gentle path that was once the path of the railroad through town. I passed the usual assortment of walkers, strollers, and commuters. As I worked one of the slow steady turns I could feel my front wheel was a tad squirrelly...clearly a slow leak. I kept riding, debating with myself as to ride it all the way home or to pull over for a quick repair. I pulled over for a quick repair. In the short time that it took me to replace and fill the tube I was passed by an wide assortment of cyclists, only two of which offered assistance. Mounted back up and started for home. A mile further down the trail was a box turtle in the center of the path. It retracked its head, arms, legs, and tail as I approached, then as I opened my bag to stow this hard shelled beast in my pack it made a mad dash for freedom. I reached over and grabbed him and wrapped him up in my a shirt I had in my pack and headed for home. At that same moment Rich Feliciano passed by, we exchanged hellos, yet we were pointed in opposite directions. So we continued our course. As I rode the final miles to my house I thought about what I had done....this whole picking up the box turtle thing. my initial intention was to give it to my dad to put in his backyard. But that all started to sound kinda wrong. It occured to me that the number of box turtles has certainly diminished and that this one may very well have a family or friends of box turtles that I have just striped him (or her) away from. I got home and pulled the box turtle out. Dean was excited. He was drawn closer and repelled all at the same time. He told me I needed to put the turtle in the water. I then explained that this is a box turtle and that it lives on land. It was a brief discussion, educational just the same. I then thought, that it be best if I release the turtle in Rock Creek Park. I gathered some fresh fruit, the turtle, and the dogs.

I am too tired to get into the fever and chills of last night
as the symptoms are still strong
best that I go back to the other idiot box

wanted to BLOG on

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