STOKED: The Movie

This is some intense shit....
funny, this story was passed on by word of mouth "back in the day" or should I say when it happened, never from a reliable source, funny to see that the facts match up with the bar room tales (or something like that)
go to this site.....read the story....watch the trailer
and ask yourself....could this really happen?
this story is just one of many in the world of the skater...
a little more amped and a little more off the deep end!
but just as with the DOGTOWN and ZBOYS story the skate culture of the 80's was like teen age Hell's Angels on skateboards rather than motorcycles (although motorcycles may have been there as well, just not the focus)
the Post Skater Backlash is still part of modern history
the once pumped adolescent skaters are now trying to find a way to fit into the adult world
many of wish have put down the skateboard and are still seeking that skateboard rush
some have managed the transition
while others have not been able to shake their old habbits
what were once potential monkey's on a person's back have grown to King Kong proportions
some have escaped while others are being held prisioner
it is tough to make it
skaters and punk rockers had the same outlook on society
sure the paycheck as a courier bought beer each night, and made group house rent
but that same paycheck now will not buy you a house or put your kids through college

enough for now
this rant is rambling
work can be distracting that way

and do not think that the SKATEBOARD CULTURE did not offer the breeding ground for great talent
SPIKE JONZE was a local boy that got his start here
any of those kids editing their own videos did not know it, but they were developing skills and talents
photos at the ramp made PHOTOGRAPHERS
flyers and zines created GRAPHIC DESIGNERS
skaters took their athletic drive to become SURFERS, SNOWBOARDERS, AND MOUNTAINBIKERS
there was a lot going on
it is a complex scenario
a thousand tales to be told
many of which are still being written

and let us not forget the geniuses of JACKASS!

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