Sue Haywood
The road to the Olympics is a long one...a path that I will never know. As a sport level racer I know how hard it is to perform at my "personal best" and to try and maintain that level of performance. While for the top competitors it is so much more demanding. They seek the highest level of performance and are not permitted to slip or slack. The training, the racing, the sacrificing; it is all more than I will ever know. I am not much for training or sacrificing. A few weeks ago I was pleased to hear that West Virginia women's mountainbiker had won the sole spot for representing the United States in the XC Mountainbiking event in Athens. The official US Cycling page did not post this information, but a variety of other links had announced the news. Now I come to find that there was a calculation error and Sue Haywood has not infact earned this slot. Was she robbed? Or did she not earn the requisite points to beat out the other competitors. Here is her story from her perspective....Sue Haywood.
Here is the Official Site with the official announcement. I am not sure, but I think that the women that won the slot lives in the same sleepy town as Jetsetpete, a friend and blogger who blogs about life, politics, and the experiences of owning a San Fran based messenger business.
Either way, Sue we are proud of you.....you ROCK! Your accomplishments are still impressive. Everything happens for a reason....maybe your reason will show itself some time soon.

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