it is a lose lose (lose) situation having Lance at the tour
if he wins he represents the united states
if he loses he represents the united states
and worst of all
when he talks he represents the united states

if this is his last tour I think he could wait till he retires from the tour to give the organizers advice on their sport
the tour is a 101 year old man
lance is just a 31 year old boy
this kid needs to learn to show respect to his elders
next thing you know he is going to be calling the organizers the axis of evil

lance...no one wants your advice on how the course should be set up!

and as far as the Olympics go...
leave wanted to see your kids out of it....
one rational is enough and I prefer the sport related one

and one should be enough

if this is his last year...
he should achieve all he can
his kids would be proud
and after he retires he can spend all the time he wants with them
a few more weeks in Greece may effect his relationship more with Sheryl Crow than his kids
after all...a child needs to understand that his parents have to go to work

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