Business growth is not an issue I have ever had a problem with. There is that old punk rock notion of not selling out. But when it comes down to it, why not get paid as much as you can for doing what you do?  Timbuk2 Tour de France Bag and the Timbuk2 Yoga Bag; I have seen a variety of messenger bag companies come and go...but there may be something about these guys and their business model that has kept them afloat. Dirt Rag was a zine at one point, now it is a glossy mag! All the while Ian MacKaye tried to avoid fame and fortune with Minor Threat and Discord Records, then ended up getting rich with Fugazi and all that is Discord.
In the world of mountainbiking I often hear people complain that the race promoters are getting rich for throwing these events. As far as I am concerned if the entry fee is not outrageous and the event is well put together then sure, let them make a buck. Perry Farrell got rich off Lolapollusa but no one boycotted the mosh pit because of that.....they went along and enjoyed the show.
It it true that our society has a hard time getting its priorities straight....teachers work part time jobs while super models complain about how hard it is to look pretty in front of all those lights.

go figure.

what is Straight Edge?
(other than not me)

and an oldie but a goodie
but only relevant to someone with some knowledge of DC punk rock history...
What DC Hardcore Band are you?

You are STATE OF ALERT! Very pissed off in general,
you don't mess around. Even rednecks don't like
to get in fights with you because you are
crazy. You aren't afraid to promote yourself,
not to mention you are a loud mouth. Outspoken
in what you believe, you will ALWAYS be there
to help out and fight for your friends and
those you love. And of course to create a
whilwind of senseless violence.


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