Too often....
Too often, usually around Christmas or my birthday (which is next month so better start shopping!) I get these cards in the mail from various relatives. And being the child that I am I tear the card open and go right to the meat of the message, the "marrow" of sorts...yes... I check for a check. In my recent years I have started to be let down, for some reason people think that because I am 37 with kids of my own that I do not want/need presents or toys. And worse then that there is this thing where people are paying to have masses said for me, making charitable donations to orphans in some foreign land in my name, or buying some kid a chicken in Guatemala in my name.

Well, this is all well and good, and I am trying to grow up and be a good sport about all of this. Then it came to me.....THIS IS A GOOD IDEA! We should all start doing this....

You want to get your Dad something for his birthday, or maybe a late mother's day gift for mom, or how about that brother or sister that beat you down as a kid and never let you on the couch to watch TV. Well....here it is....give the gift that keeps on giving...

Take your check and join MORE and/or (depending on your generosity) IMBA

it makes more sense that that whole prayer for you
you can handle that yourself
I thought the sale of indulgences ended in the middle ages

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