Waking Up!
Today I switched shifts with my boss. Finally having the wood delivered for my 'deck project.' Woke up and the wood was already here, and I am without anyone to aid me in the transfer from the alley to the backyard. So, I choose to wake up slow, drink some coffee, and BLOG as I try to figure out how to handle this....Perhaps I should just head up to Mt. Pleasant Street and grab a day laborer.

Before I decide I will BLOG and read BLOGS.

In my search for a map of Patapsco State Park I found a link to one of my archives while doing a GOOGLE SEARCH, Gwadzilla Archive. Is it me of have I gotten really boring with my blogging? That archive page is clearly more interesting than this posting!

Maps for Sale...as I search for something that I can view
(no I am not selling maps, I am just linking to a page that sells maps of various trails)

MORE (Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts) page with a few words from the City Bikes Chevy Chase shop manager.

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