About six years ago on a small Thai island I met an old Italian man. He was handsome and fit with a calming presence. We talked, but not at length. Each day we would pass and exchange hellos at breakfast or as I went down to the beach with my rented snorkel and fins to check out the action on the reef. This older gentlemen with his peace and scerenity impressed me. I wanted aspects of his persona to be part of me. I wanted an inner calm that was visible throughout. I wanted to be sure that I am fit when I become older. I wanted to be at ease with who I am and what life had granted me. In our short brief discussions I learned that this man was a Yoga instructor off to India to further his studies. At the moment of hearing this I wrote myself a mental note....Make Yoga Part of Your Life.
Here it is many years later and I am slowly making Yoga part of my life. It is only a one session a week commitment at the present. But, after the mountainbike race season slows for me I will try to tag on a second day; if the responsibilities of family will allow.  It is hard to measure the effects.  So many other variables in my life. But, the feeling I get when class is over is so positive I can only think that these classes are valuable to my current well being. (currently happy working a steady 9-5 job, riding and racing mountainbikes at a moderately competitive level, and living as a good husband and father)

I do not recall what style of Yoga this gentleman from Italy practiced.  Presently I have been studying Ashtanga Yoga.  It is a style that works for me. It is all more a matter of exposure. This is the style that my wife studies; as well as a wide variety of our friends (most of them female.) But I have been curious about checking out some of the other styles, just so I have a greater understanding of what Yoga is. At this time all I know is what I have learned through this Ashtanga class here in DC.

(similarly I have considered trying a local Wednesday night road race in Greenbelt. just because I am curious about the road culture...who knows? I may like it. I have been doing some Cyclocross races in the winter....never thought I would like it until I tried it a few years ago, now I am hooked!)

Brief descriptions of various Yoga Styles

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