It is funny. In life there can be this small gatherings of moisture....not enough money....car is broken down.....stop work order on the house.....nanny may be quitting....All of these little gatherings of moisture on their own are quite manageable. But together they form one big crippling black cloud. A daunting beast with such great mass that it seems like it will wipe out anything and everything that gets in its way. So rather than braving the storm I run in denial for cover.

Then a moment of clarity. If I can just approach one of these conflicts and see it through then perhaps I can see a ray of light poke through. With that warm ray of light I will know that this black cloud does not possess the power that I once feared and then I can break up that large mass, back into its many small gatherings of moisture and dispel them one by one.

some updates...

MR. Permit does not do work for STOP WORK ORDERS
so my work order is still in limbo
but primarily due to my inability to get my shit together and draw up some plans
guess I need to just sit down and do it
I have talked about it at length with friends who are contractors and friends who are architects
now it is time to get to the drawing board
hand drawn should be good enough

'84 Toyota Landcruiser for sale:
I am selling my old blue truck; end of an era. This old truck has been good to me. Most of the time it waited till it got in front of my house before it died. As I have entered a more adult stage of life I need a car that is more dependable, heat and AC would be nice as well and sure a stereo that plays louder than the sound of the engine would be a luxury.
Currently torn....the truck has a low Blue Book Value....but a high Coolness Factor...
I am trying to sell it via a FOR SALE sign and a posting on CRAIG's LIST, but debating with just donating it to charity so I do not have to contend with the issues of selling a car.

Dean and Grant are awesome. Grant is crawling like turtle hopped up on speed. He is here there everywhere. Dean is a loving big brother with the speech skills of a high school valedictorian. Dean rides his bike three short blocks to school each morning, asking for the training wheels to come off, but not at all focused enough for riding without them.

Lisa and I are dealing with Grant's sleepless nights. He wakes and cries; like fools we come to his aid...we know we are supposed to let him cry it out, but for some reason we can not let him cry like that. The sleepless nights are wearing on both of us, more on lisa than me as she is still breast feeding and some of those cries are alerts for feedings.

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