My initial intention with the BLOG was to post my race reports from various mountainbike races. The reports are normally written to my cycling team mates and shared with a few others. I had no idea how addictive this aspect of the electronic world could be. The BLOG has become a monster, a monster far more powerful than the movie, The Blob.
The Blog is so much for me. It is a journal. It is a theraputic outlet. It is a way to communicate with friends, strangers, and the world. It is an escape.
Thank you BLOGGER.com for coming into my world, now try and quiet down so I can get to work. It gets so bothersome to hear your voice in my head.... "the boss stepped out for coffee....time to BLOG"...."quick.....BLOG in that spare office where no one else can see"....."blog now while the work load is all stuffed under the rug."

I hate those dam voices in my head!

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