Bontrager and the Tour
Bontrager and Lance
Bontrager and his garage

this is something that I failed to think about
this is really cool
Bontrager's contribution to the USPS and Lance's success in the Tour
I have a faint memory of a friend out west buying some mountainbike wheels with road rims trimmed to 26 inches
he bought them from a guy who made them in his garage
we take today's technology for granted
those wheels were lighter, as strong, and got fewer snake bite flats
(or so I recall, but I never owned them)
it impressed me
but it also impressed me that it seemed obvious to make what works
all started in a garage
the wright brothers were bicycle mechanics who created flight in the garage
never underestimate what can be done in the garage
I am not sure, but I think that was Keith Bontrager making those wheels in his garage

from the FAQ on the Bontrager site....

Q: How do you pronounce Bontrager?

A: We get that a lot!
Bon Bon-fire

-tra- tray-

-ger grrr

Rocco shared this Bontrager Interview in the Comments section....thought it was worth a read

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