this evening Lisa left work, went home, walked the dogs, grabbed the boys and headed out to Pentagon City for dinner at Noodles
this allowed me to finish a few things at work and head directly to dinner after getting in some miles
while waiting for lisa and the gang (dogs returned home) to arrive I went to Harris Teeters to grab some of Lisa's coveted Lemon Yogurt that she can not find anywhere in the District
while there the six foot seven store manager followed me around the store...
the store that has self service check out
if I were to beat the system it would not be through shop lifting
slight of hand would do the trick
in any case
it appears that I considered this already
but I have and had not
so I am grabbing some banannas....some no cal flavored water....crap flavored water to be exact....and searching for the coveted lemon yogurt
when I found the yogurt I noticed that this Lurch like character was still somewhere on my tail
oddly enough....
other than being in cycling gear I am not sure what sets me apart form anyone else in the place
I am clean, clean cut, well groomed hair (well, absence of hair) and clothing that is slightly more desireable than you would find at the local thrift store
in actuality I was wearing some expensive gear
cycling gear on the lower body
had changed the gear on the upper body....to some fresh Prana gear my wife had bought me
so in short
feeling well dressed and clean cut
what was it that set me apart from the other shoppers?
beady eyes?
George Bush has the BEADDIEST eyes in the world
and 49 percent of the voting population had no issue with him
I lack beady eyes
it must have been the gear
it has to be the gear
it has to be the shoes (well, the gear)
the helmet may have been on the head it may have been the bag
but what was it?
guess I will have to ask Lurch if it happens again

dinner was good
dean had a blast
a good time was shared by all
there are some good things about the suburbsb

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