a great weekend

this weekend past went well
a Race Report is to come; it all needs to brew in my head
this weekend's race was eventful in an educational sort of way
waiting to see how my results ranked over all

a great deal of energy was wasted trying to negotiate my approach to the race on saturday
there was a 9-11 motorcycle tribute tour that I got stuck behind, within, infront of
lisa did not want me to go as we had her family in town
in hindsight we found that even with me being gone most of saturday
I was able to spend plenty of time with in-laws and other intown guests
I took some heat for going to the race
but looking back this weekend was far better with the race added to the weekend madness

on sunday grant was baptised
it was a great sociological experience going to the local church, Sacred Heart
it is a glorious building with a colorful congregation
the setting is comfortable and entertaining
it was fun to share Sacred Heart church with family and friends
I am still torn on this organized religion thing
but there are no questions about the value of family and tradition
it was great to get everyone together this weekend
even if my dad, brother, and I bored my father-in-law out of the room by discussing the difference of Lance Armstrong being a professional cyclist in this modern age versus the career of Eddie Merckx and being a professional cyclist in that era
he was more curious about how the Steelers had done

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