Happy Birthday 2 Me!
Today is my birthday....37 today
for some reason I still feel and act like I am 17.
well, except for the abscence of hair and the addition of other hairs
much more hair on my chest
far less hair on my head then when I ws 17 years old
what I call the Hair Relocation Program
I am still just as ignorant and just as foolish as I was 20 years ago
those first 17 years...
those were the building blocks of my understanding of the world
I may have peaked at 17...I knew things then that I do not know now
certainly there are things that I have learned
it is just that I can not remember them now
maybe I should have started BLOGGING sooner

Dean and Grant are on the floor in front of me
Roscoe and Brutus just rushed downstairs at the sound of the babysitter at the door
the Olympics are being reviewed on one of those morning shows
coffee is in my cup beside me

now Dean is telling me he wants to go to THE RESTAURANT
best we start making the momentum towards his art class/preschool

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