My Big Blue Truck
Owning a truck with character is an odd thing. Holding on strong to something that can fail me over and over again seems so illogical. Here is this old truck with a long list of imperfections that I have refused to UPGRADE. All the time I talk with people and they tell me that their bicycle needs some work and some replacement parts. When I hear the make, model, and year; I often recommend that they just spend that money to get a new bike with all the new technology. These people never listen. There is always some story about how that bike was here or there, or the had this great ride or survived a great crash. Strange how we clinge to material possessions. SHIT! If it were an old Windows 98 Machine or some old Apple II machine and someone tried to tell me that they were attached to "old faithful." I would have to laugh. While with cars and bicycles people think that they can explain their refusal to understand "the law of diminishing returns" with some sort of sentimental song; yet, with a computer we all get the picture. There is no retro geeks in the computer world....just el cheapos (of course that is not true.....there are SUPER MEGA GEEKS still using old machines hot wired and modified to their personal geek needs.....like the cult of users that use the old Apple Newtons as their PDAs....so i admit I am wrong....there are retro geeks for all cultures) So why do I drive this old truck whose radio is not loud enough to be heard over the engine? Why do I drive this old truck that needs a choke and a three minute warm up on a summer day anda 5 minute warm up ona winter day? No air bags for me and the kids. No anti-lock brakes. No independant suspension. No power this. No power that. Just a crusty old truck.

Oh, by the way....do you know anyone who wants to buy a 1984 Toyota Landcruiser?
It is fun to drive and super cool!

yes, that is my old truck parked on my busy DC street
with its Maryland tags and its Mount Pleasant sticker
right at the trailhead to the small loop in the woods that Dean has traded in for his bicycle sidewalk route to school each morning (daycare)

I love my Big Old Truck!
Dean was sad to hear I was going to sell it.
He has asked several times why I need to sell it.
I have had to make up mature adult reasons that do not make any sense to him or to me.
Oh well, guess it is time for me to grow up and move on....

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