MY iPOD Not Only Has a Brain.....
but it has a sense of humor!

Last night when hanging in the basement with my buddy Tom we tangent hopped from topic to topic. Tom drank his Sierra Nevada beer while I drank my Smoking Loon red wine. Our conversation with the mountianbike wheels that he was taking out of my trash heap, I mean bicycle stock pile. Tom was given a history of how one of the wheels had been to Europe, California, Utah, Colorado.....years of courier work and even some beginner races....Tom blanked out and kept his mouth shut so he could walk away with the goods. We leaped from topic to topic stumbling upon the events of the weekend past for him and the events of the weekend past for me. Being that Tom had been emailed my last race report 3 times he did not have to hear my tales of woe and the one second loss more than once this evening, which gave him a chance to tell the tale about his weekend with mutual friend Lawrence; and Lawrence's life on the farm. There was talk about Lawrence as a farmer, a potter, his art, his versatility as an athlete, and of course his creativity as a musician. Tom has been playing drums with Lawrence on and off since high school, when Tom is not helping out with organic farming or bee keeping, they are inthe studio making music. Tom told me of his new 8 track and the ghosts in Lawrence's 2oo year old house love for the mixing board. To affirm Tom that I do listen to the Bells of classics (lawrence's music project of the last two decades) I reached for the iPod and hit the forward button without even glancing at the device. I assured him that on the SHUFFLE function that BELLS OF comes up an inordinant amount of time. After 12 pushes of the SHUFFLE BUTTON there was no BELLS OF to be heard. I resigned myself to its absence. We went back to talking; or perhaps more accurately...me talking and tom listening....I do have a bit of a disorder that way. The night went on....tom left with his wheels and an earful....sometimes the hook up just does not pay. As it is said.....nothing comes without a price.
This morning as I collected my gear (including 29inch spare tube and 15 mm wrench and multi-tool) and got dressed for work. The iPod was turned on for some background music. There it was...the first song.....a Bells of classic; Cornrows. I smiled and laughed and watched the story and images unfold in my head.
A few minutes passed and I had to grab some stuff from upstairs...upon my return song one was over and done with....song two or three had begun.....it was Bells of again!

Funny stuff.....

there are those that feel that the iPOD has a BRAIN
and that it does not SHUFFLE
but it learns
it inspires
I like my iPod's Humor
it is the type of joke I would pull if I were an iPOD

the New York Times had an article on this topic earlier this week
an article that a coworker, Doug, turned me onto this am
even before hearing my tale


check out Bells of on the TEENBEAT site.

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