I should not find pleasure in this, but for some reason I do.
This morning I got an email from a friend of mine who raced at Fountainhead this weekend past. He wanted to know who a certain rider was that raced that day. Apparently this rider was a bit agro on each pass. Although I did not race and have no real opinion on this person, I do know the feeling of an overly aggressive person trying to pass. The tone of the request shape the exchange. I always try to be friendly and appreciative to all and any that allow me to pass, as well as trying to be as reasonable as possible in allowing others to pass (this often includes pulling off trail) From what I heard from this friend....this guy was less than pleasant.

Scroll to the photo before and the photo after as it has a nice sequence shot.

I would not share this photo if it looked like he got hurt. I do not wish ill will upon anyone, not even George Bush, but the thought of Bush slipping on a patch of ice does make me giggle....this set of photos has that same response...only after the intro that he was an agro asshole who may have been sandbagging his class.

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