Red Bean: A restaurant Review-
today went well...I dove headfirst into a day of some serious work...anything to escape the thought of my Red Tag situation. The Stop Work Order has been occupying my thoughts, so much that every I am ignoring it all together. This weekend I need to devote some serious time to this project, next week I need to take this permit process to the next step. With that said, after work today I got on the Geared Karate Monkey to test out the rear hub repack, the new SIDI shoes, and the new Time pedals. Being that Lisa and the boys are in Pittsburgh I took advantage of the situation and tried to go for an extended post work ride. Like a fool I stepped out the door with a healthy pace...on this ride I ran into old school skater/snowboarding buddy Mirco. He was out helmetless on his roadbike 'jocking out.' We rode together for some time, exchanging who lead...I was an excellent draft for him while he did not offer such a comfortable wind slip as I may well be a foot taller than him. The highlight of that ride was when I was on his tail headed south west towards the airport from Old Town Alexandria. Being able to see his cell phone in his cycling jersey pocket I thought it would be clever to give him a ring. My cell was in my mountainbike style baggy shorts so I pulled it out and scrolled through my cell phone book. There is was in my short list of logged numbers; Micro. I hit SEND and began smiling. Sure enough there was the ring. Micro's hand drifted back and pulled the phone from his jersey pocket. It was too funny...Micro answered and I spoke up, "Put down the cell phone and pick up the pace!" Our third ridder a Ramptech employee Mike laughed in the background. Micro picked up the pace and we put away the phones.
At Key Bridge we said a quick good-bye and pedaled away before our heart rates dropped. I rolled down through Georgetown onto the Capitol Crescent Trail. The legs were still fresh, the bike was feeling good...with some unknown drag...maybe the rear wheel out of true or maybe a rear hub that is too tight. I rode upright hands off the bars with my legs spinning fast and hard. Relaxed and fast. Before I knew it I was being passed by some cat on a road bike. His lack of audible warning triggered an aggressive response. I asked for the audible and then told him that my grandmother rides faster than him. We picked up the pace. Not being the drafting type we move forward and further at a fast pace.

need a drink
don't think I will make it to the review

thumbs up
good fish tacos
nice atmosphere

we will be back

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