stumbled upon this flyer I made for a friend's going away party
it is a few years old....
Lev is a good friend
a rather complex person
a rough blue colar exterior with the scent of alcohol on his breath
more thoughts and sensitivity below the surface than many would think
Lev's main companion in life is his dog Lodi
a well trained Huskie mix with as much personality as his owner; minus the alcohol tainted breath
Lev owns some land "off the grid" in Alaska
for years he has been splitting his time between DC and Alaska
step by step building his dream escape cabin
yet with all of his Alaskan sensibilities he is still half cityboy
he is beyond the Jack of All Trades....as he is the master of many
a skilled carpenter
a creative decorative finisher
and has some unique plaster skills
and this is just on his work resume

off to breakfast

I definitely need to make more of an effort to see my friends
it is tough....family can be such a VORTEX
certainly there are positive aspects to this VORTEX
it is important that I do not shut out the outside world

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