it is around MIDNIGHT on a SCHOOL NIGHT
I must admit that I am up and awake watching George Michael Behind the Music
it is all very amusing
it is all very funny
it is all very curious
(not in a gay-bi-curious sort of way)
WHAM and George Michael had music in the background of much of high school and for a few years in college
the videos, the music, and the dance clubs
George Michael had that sort of goofiness that is hard to explain
WHAM was so uncool, but you could not deny that POP SENSIBILITIES
then when he went solo....
we all hated it
we all loved it
it was there on the car stereo, on Friday Night Videos (cable had not spread to all the world) and dance mixes were in the clubs (and so was I)
I was all trends I was no trends
I was at the punk shows and I was in the clubs dancing
but I never would have owned a George Michael or a WHAM record
well, unless it were for COLUMBIA RECORDS and that amazing ONE CENT DEAL
in a group house under a different name I may have joined and purchased
it was and is an awesome album
then he does some pious bullshit and disappears

by this time in my life I was becoming secure enough in my music taste
I knew it was okay for a straight guy to listen to gay music
there was no longer an issue to say that seeing THE SMITHS on their first American Tour was one of my top 5 shows of all times
so I no longer had issues with liking DEPECHE MODE
who the fuck cares
it is music and it is all very silly
it is completely possible to listen and like THE BAD BRAINS or MINOR THREAT and then to also like U2 and REM
or on the lighter side....Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and the Cure
and then George Michael when Listen Without Prejudice Volume One came out
the early stuff was fun to sing along to as a giggle
(only when it came on the radio, never did I intentionally play a tape, but I did not always change the station...and the videos...when he put the super models in the film rather than him...he hit new heights)

too many people let the msic define them
getting all stuck in a certain genera

back to George Michael, and not the George from the SPORTS MACHINE
now how did the world not know that he was gay?
I think it was clear to me...but how did the world not know....
those shorts in the WHAM videos?
come on
come out
George Michael was obviously gay from day one....

oh almost forgot DURAN DURAN always rocked

the world was a very naive place for a long time
elton john was just a flamboyant rock star?
figure it out?
rob halford was a heavy metal singer for one reason...so he could wear those leather chaps
go down the list
it is all so clear now that the facts have been told
the world was a far more conservative place not so long ago
anything different was often thought to be a threat (and often gay.....and homosexuality was considered to be a threat....what am I saying....to many it is still considered a threat....anything and everything different was considered Gay.....then how did George Michael get under the radar? ((gay-dar?)))


more rants about nothing
late night after an exhausting weekend
and half a bottle of red wine

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