there are a lot of different walks. walks in the woods and walks down the street. there is a simple way to make the same walk different; add or remove variabels. a walk with the dogs is different than a walk alone and a walk alone is different than a walk with Dean. mix the variables...put grant on my back and the dogs at my side, now remove the dogs and mix up the combinations some more. add lisa and tag on dean, take grant off the shoulders put him in the stroller now grab roscoe, but leave brutus behind. each variable dictates the pace and intensity of the walk. Dean with his bike, on his scooter, or running on ahead all create different walks. The season, the time of day, who or what we encounter will all act to sculpt the walk into a different experience.
tonight I went up the street without the dogs with grant in the baby jogger, I was wearing shoes unfit for running, nearly unfit for walking. it was the end of a long rainy day and the sun had set or at least gone down or was so ubscured by the overcast rainy day. yet it was still bright out. the lighting was like an old color movie where they filmed in the day and dyed the film blue as so to make it look like night. grant relaxed, got really relaxed, so relaxed that he was asleep. it was relaxing. my pace pushing the stroller is not as fast or as manic when I walk alone. to be able to have both hands on the stroller if I wanted to because the dogs are not tugging away at my teathered arm. never at this walk did I have to be hyper alter of a cat behind a bus that may cause the dogs to lunge forward pulling my arm out of its socket and causing me to tip over the stroller. it was nice....
more on this
time to relax
a long day on the deck
we made some progress
we did some things that needed to be done
there is still many more days in front of us

time for six feet under

here it is the next morning
I took a quick look at the entry above. not unlike most of my stream of conciousness rambling it is without salvation. best to leave it alone and just start a fresh thought. but before I start a fresh thought I will add a short piece onto this one.

this morning Dean and I walked to the Rosemount Center just blocks from our house. rather than taking his preferred sidewalk route on his bicycle I was able to trick him to take the woods by bringing out some cheapo Walkie Talkies. This is a much greater pleasure for me. the dogs are off leash, no dog poop to pick up, no need to lean over an push dean on his bike up the hill as I hold the two dogs on the leash (forced to tug at them each time they slow to sniff or pee) And most of all...no need to carry the bike back home after his three and a half block ride; which is really more of a one block ride since I have to push him up hill for all but one small stretch downhill. But the trick only worked halfway through the woods. At the halfway point dean stopped dead in his tracks, his arms fell limp to his side, and he began to cry. " I want to ride my bike to art class, I want to ride my bike to art class" Dean broke into a mantra that was backed up by tears. it was like he was in a deep meditative state. we slowed. we talked. the tears stopped. I collected the walkie talkies. Dean was then put on my shoulders and I walked him the remainder of the hike on my shoulders. At this point we were only 20 yards from the road. When I put dean down to leash the dogs, Dean was fine and he walked the last city block to "art Class" where he had the joy of sharing his toy walkie talkies with all the children who cared to see them.

that was a boring story
not sure why I wrote it down
well, not boring to me
but this parent thing is only fun for parents
guess, similarly the bike thing is only interesting to other bikers
and so on and so on and so on

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