the weekend past....
no race reports
no riding...well, nearly no riding, crossed town with Dean in the trailer
so, no riding to speak of
definitely no dirt
no work on the deck
but, there was some work on the deck plans
odd to have to draw up plans for approval for a structure I already build
hopefully my handiwork in Adobe Illustrator is enough to get the message across to the approval board/inspector
yes, there are highlights
both Saturday and Sunday were fun packed
family filled fun pack
Yoga was missed, sorely missed, missed for the second week in a row....ouch
Saturday afternoon was spent in Glover Park with my brother and his family, me and mine, our mom, a mess of crabs and shrimp...yummy
Dean and Eric were too busy playing to eat, which is often the case when they get together
soccer played the sidelines to the fort made by the 3 foot tall portable goalieless goals
then some frisbee tossing
and then some play with some unknown boy and his frisbeelike toy
some sort of "as seen on TV UFO"
Sunday was more of the same
more work on the deck plan design in the am then a crazy car filled dash to Reston Virginia for some suburban action
we headed off to the suburbs for a grand taste of americana
the Montgomery County fair offered that taste of America with a country flare
while the Reston Water Mine (water park) offered a different taste of america, more of a suburban flare
it was my first time at this perfab place with its stocked lake, paddded jungle gyms, and pavillion facilities, well other than the cross races hosted on the grass and grounds around manmade Lake Fairfax
although I tend to hate crowds
there is no agoraphobia to keep me from sharing this experience with my sons Dean and Grant and my nephew/godson Eric
Dean and Eric were crazed
amazingly well behaved for the level of excitement that they maintained
the park seemed small in some ways and huge in others
through the eyes of Dean and Eric it was something spectacular
there were two sets of water slides, each one by one
perfect for racing
Eric jumped the gun on each...."on your marks.....get set.." eric is gone
so competitive
winning is important to him
just like his dad
this repeated false start caused me to give Dean a stronger push
they each slide down and SPASHED
all winners each time
it was a tough call which was more fun
the gentle river loop, which we called "The Current"
the umbrella water fall
or those two sets of water slides

to me it was perfect
Papa John's Pizza on site was just the icing on the cake
we managed to spend more than 4 hours in the park
add transport back and forth and that is the whole day

after we dropped Eric off at his Glover Park home Dean did not stop talking about the water park and Eric until he passed out in the car on the 12 minute drive home
just enough rest to juice him up for the rest of the evening
wish a 5 minute nap would work such magic on me
maybe it would
perhaps I will try to make it part of my day
knowing me I would pull a Rip Van Winkle and over sleep my 5 minutes and my duties
best I do not try

on that note....
I am going to start my week with a quick breakfast

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