Blast from the Past....
Sometimes I wonder...

"Where are they now?"
"What ever happened to....?"
"How has so and so spent the last many years?"

In this modern age with the Internet most any and everybody who has a pulse can be located. And if they do not have a pulse....well, you can find that out as well

the other day a random name from high school popped into my head, Ceres Madoo
so being the geek that I am I did a quick little search with the help of our friends at GOOGLE.com
sure enough
there she was
right on the computer where I expected to find her
we had a short email exchange
she is happy healthy and whole living out west
here is a page displaying some of sculpture, Ceres Madoo

check out Ceres' site
or even better
do a GOOGLE to try and find an old friend
people with names like Ceres Madoo have advantages over people with names like John Smith

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