Brady Bunch Moment
This morning my father and I had a short email exchange...my father is a man of few words....unless he is telling a story, in which case you may want to sit down. The stories are good....the stories are long...the stories come in chapters....and he wants you to hear the whole book. (hmmmmm.....sound like anyone else we know?) In any case...for those who have been following my endless rants on my Blog you may already know that I got a STOP WORK order on a deck project in my backyard. It may also be known that my father and I had been working on this project together. In this dance of the deck project my father has been leading as he is a better dancer than I am.....at least when it comes to decks. Each day my father asks how the permit is coming....each day I have a similar response....no permit yet.

This morning my father responded back with some wisdom not dissimilar to the words that Mr. Brady gave Greg when situation surrounded the sale/purchase of a beat up old car. My father dipped into his resivour of Latin sayings and came up with this...

“illigitimun non carborundum est”
which roughly translates to
Don’t let the bastards grind you down

It is funny and fitting; and if I could say it I would repeat it.

maybe I will post my DECK PLANS to amuse the bored.

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