I need a car
well, I am not sure I need a car
but by American Standards I do need a car, by American I mean United States...not anyone else in North, Central, or South America
sure Lisa has a Volkswagon Passat, but when she is using the car my hands are tied
when I am home with the kids and lisa is at work or some other funciton I am land locked
when I want to go to a race I can not abandon her without a vehicle with the kids
on top of that this month Dean's school moves to a new location while the 100 year old building gets a face lift
that face lift will take a year
as much as I want to take my son across town in the Burley Trailer behind the bike
I honestly do not thing that it will be a practical idea
the cross town traffic is brutal
the streets are unkind
I am more than familiar with the route as I took that path to get to my job at General Typographers a few years back
my life was endangered and threatened on each direction, many times intentionally
so the thought of putting Dean at risk so that I can maintain some sort of cyclist ethic may be selfish or more so short sighted and dangerous

so....I am selling the old Landcruiser
and looking for a new car
well...I was looking for a used car
had some ideas on how much I wanted to spend and what I wanted
those ideas grew and changed
started wanting the Subaru Forrester.....then my wants moved to the Honda Element
started shopping for a used Element.....well....they started making these in 2003 which leaves the pickings a tad slim....well.....slim if you are looking for Manual Transmission
so....my shopping got bumped up to the next purchase level
I did not want to save a small fraction of the purchase cost and risk that the previous owner ragged the shit out of this vehicle in its first year of life
so I am now shopping for a new car
getting ready to grab my angles and get the under coat and the spray coat on the interior

spent the day online looking for the deal
not sure if there is a deal
wish I could find the NO HAGGLE DEAL!
where is the NO HAGGLE DEAL?
and can I haggle them down?

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