Here is a little PSA I sent to the folks at work....
It is good information to be shared.
I am certain that not everyone has been alerted to the vuenerability of the U-Lock with the circular key....nor do many people know about the opportunity for return.
Share this with your people (family, friends, co-workers, fellow students....anyone with a bike)

This message is directed to those with bicycles....

Most any and everyone who owns a bicycle also owns a Kryptonite Lock.
It has recently been discovered that the U-locks with the circular keys can be picked quite easily with a Bic Pen!Kryptonite is responding to this with a chance to return the locks.

Do not take the risk of locking your bicycle (or anything for that matter) with a lock that has this circular style key!

here is a news report on the lock issue, USA TODAY


and here is a video showing someone pick the lock

please share this information with friends and family
(or take action for your kids and their locks)
happy trails
share the road

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