grab inspiration where ever you can
when you see it...take it and hold on to it
use both hands and don't let it go
store it up and reflect back on it

the more you have the more you have to use
give all you care to give it replenishes it own supply

once you are done taking
try giving
try to give INSPIRATION
not advice
even if it is just through example

while you are at it
why not try giving LOVE
give a hug and you may get a hug back
(you may get your ass kicked...get fired from your job...or get slapped in the face*)
*user disgression is advised
I hug my sons all the time...the experience is like a shot of espresso for the soul

my dogs enjoy hugs
it is not fair but I feel that Roscoe gives love while Brutus takes
they both give
for some reason it seems as if Roscoe is more selfless in his giving
Roscoe is definitely less needy
Roscoe is my favorite, but I give more love to Brutus....as he needs it more
I will hug Roscoe when I get home

as for me
it is best I start taking my advice
my most recent advice being not to be giving advice
advice....I give more than I take
perhaps I should just live by example
if someone wants to pick up on it, great!
if not...no worries
best I don't waste energy trying to change others
when all that energy can be used trying to change me (and my family)

have a good full weekend!
I am going to have a full weekend at my house....
there are things that need to be done
putting my feet up may very well be one of those things

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