is it me or is it blogger.com?

too many times I have created a post
always the best posts
never the fluff you see on my site
but the best posts with all sorts of wisdom and knowledge that gives rise to thought and introspection
somehow it seems that best posts get 'hung up' and lost
this has happened again

on this last post I vented about a mad dash to the DC Government Building where the permit office resides
my frustration had a colorful metaphor
in this metaphor I described the the Permit Office as if it were an OCTOPUS
this multi armed creature suffers from some failure where each long tentical covered arm does not know what each arm is doing or what the other arms have done
each arm not only acts independantly, but sleeps
lying dormant until they are awoken by the next human begging for permit review and approval
at times each tenticle appears to be all smiley and kind
at one point I enjoyed the exchanges with the various tenticles
some tenticles are more kind and more gentle
while other tenticles are just grabbing the paper work and scaring the applicants away
but now I am starting to think that the tenticles are getting great joy in fucking with ignorant applicants such as myself
while they are pious and proud at being a master of their process
this morning my permit was held up as it needed to contain a EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL DETAIL SHEET
this ESCD was not something that I had to fill out
this was something that needed to be contained in my submission
they could not get this form from the neighboring office
as that must be an office run by a whole different Octopi all together

but I had to go to that office and get that ESCD sheet and put in in my permit and hand it back over for review again

the octopus rant went on that way for a while
there were some clever words
and some attractive imagry...but alas....it all got lost in cyber space

there was some comparision between the actual aquatic octipus and its cleverness and its ability to leave versus the metaphoracial octopus and its inability to solve these simple puzzles
the rant ended abruptly as I did not want to get too frustrated with the process
at my last meeting I had been told that my application was not current
I was there this morning
I have been back and forth as much as I can with a normal schedule
it was started on Tuesday and here it is Friday....WHAT THE FUCK IS NOT CURRENT ABOUT THIS?

the second part of that same rant pertained to my new heightened level of maturity
just as I have withheld tantrums at the permit office
just as I was neither angered or pist at the guard at the permit office yesterday afternoon
(well I was angered and pissed, but I did not let it get to my usual spastic tantrum level)
just as I opted not to spit on the non-yeilding car in the crosswald
I exhibited my maturity by not saying anything to Ralph Nadar as he waited in the lobby of the office as I walked my bike back in from the permit office
oh...here it is on the television...is this the special report?
as I am at work and represent the company it seemed best not to say anything
had I been standing beside Mr. Nadar at the corner hot dog stand things may be a tad different
perhaps at the hot dog stand I could ask Ralph what his goals are and what his goals once were...
I could ask him if he feels like a pawn to the Republicans in this election?

by no means do I think I could match wits with this man who found the Corvair to be UNSAFE AT ANY SPEEDhe is clearly wiser and better educated than myself
but I think that he is too wrapped up in his own adgenda to realize that he has lost site of his goals
at one time he was an advocate of the people
but that word we learned in high school English class as we read Homer's Oddessy comes to mind; hubris

hu·brisPronunciation: 'hyü-br&sFunction: nounEtymology: Greek hybrisDate: 1884: exaggerated pride or self-confidence- hu·bris·tic /hyü-'bris-tik/ adjective

this definition does not touch upon the effects of this overinflated pride
how this blind pride leads to the individuals downfall

in any case....
he was speaking in the NEWSROOM
I opted to cut through the glass room behind the newsroom
as so not to distract the speaker from his tasks
also I did not want to risk a cough or a sneeze as our unconcious can be very powerful

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