(and a short list of other DOCUMENTARY MUSTSEES!)

When will this go to DVD?
Is it an effort to carry the theme of white trash?
Maybe they should only release it on BETA!

This film is a must see!
Jesco the Dancing Outlaw
Undo your belt and the top button of your pants, rest a six pack in your lap, and have some beef jerky within reach....you do not want a miss a second of this documentary epic about West Virginia Mountain Dancer Jesco White! You will not regret seeking out this film.

Here are some other personal favorites...
For anyone who loves culture, travel, photography, music, and life full of soul. This film will captivate you. This one is worth owning. I have seen it more times than I can count. I have never grown bored with seeing it again and again.

Anything by Ken Burns
If you have not seen THE CIVIL WAR....start there...then expand to any other topic that you have a slight interest in. Ken Burns will educate and entertain. Documentaries are like books for people like me too lazy to read. (like me)

Dogtown and Z Boyz
A new classic.....
Learn the early history of Skateboarding. Learn about the sport and the culture. Directed by skate legend, now documentary film maker, Stacy Perralta.

Another documentary master would be Bruce Brown
Two of his must see documentaries are ENDLESS SUMMER and On ANY SUNDAY.
These films are complete classics! Endless Summer will make you want to grab a board and hit the surf; while On Any Sunday will make you want to get off road on a motocross bike and kick up some dirt. Two great films for any viewer, not just for people who are into the sports of Surfing or Motocross.

Here is a quasi-intellectual one that will BLOW YOUR MIND! the 7 UP series is now at 42 UP. This film follows a random selection of British children first interviewing them at 7 years old only to do follow up interviews every 7 years throughout their lives. This may very well be the next addition to my DVD collection.

that should be enough for now
add them to my COMMENTS section

each year I go to the BANFF FILM FESTIVAL showing at National Geographic
there are always epic mountain films there
that festival is a MUST SEE!

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