mornings as a parent are far different than that of the single person or the childless
(no dogs do not count, I know....as I have two)
the morning is no longer my own
each morning I wake when my children wake
usually waking hours before I would like to get up
at times I am able to steal a few more minutes of sleep as Lisa takes on some of the earlier responsibilities, yet I still have to be up for lisa's departure to work
but those last moments of sleep are never real or true sleep....always one eye open and an ear on the action
always poised for either Dean or Grant to slam upon my head
eventually lumbering downstairs to get some mandatory coffee
children wake at full power....
adults need the effects of coffee to get up to speed

this morning Dean woke up a few minutes before 5am
I think he needed to go to the bathroom....somehow on his trip down the hall he managed to get his finger slammed in a door which caused him to cry out for assistance
while running cold water on his hand I turned on the light to see the damage
the bright light burned into our sleepy eyes and took us to the next stage of being awake
Dean came downstairs with me and climbed into bed with the still sleeping Lisa, Roscoe, and Brutus...Grant lied dormant in the Pack-n-Play along side of the bed

waking up to a rainy day and getting a finger slammed in a door set the tone of Dean's morning
children can be moody
on this morning Dean was moody and Grant was enthused to be awake and was exploring the toys
with Dean's mood the answer to any and all questions was "NO!"
well, less than emphatic...just "no"

which leaves me with a morning of tricks and coersion
with the new BIONICLES DVD playing I dressed Dean in his outfit for the day
having him distracted can be to my advantage
as he can be picky about what he wears
often choosing to wear what is not available
even more often opting to wear his Superman or Batman PJS....complete with caps
I refilled my coffee and got Grant some Cherrios and Dean got a Capri Sun Lemonade and a banana

with Dean

had to bail
boss man showed up
and well
my mornings are not that exciting any old way

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