Mr. Permit has/is (I MEAN) a company in good company
I met Permit Girl today!

wonder if Permit Girl is Mr. Permit's ex-wife?

this morning was spent at the Permit office again
the games are no longer fun
it is a process
a long lengthy process that has become more than a stone in my shoe
tried getting to the office to grab my reviewed plans and revise as comments specified
could not get there till 4:31 thinking they closed at 4:30
only to find that the guard on the ground floor takes his duties more seriously than I take mine
I am supposed to be at work at 4:30
while I am at the permit office, well, the ground floor of the building that the permit office is in
we had an exchange
it all ended pleasantly
he was looking for an argument
I know I am just one of many asking him to bend the rules to let me up
to my own surprise I stayed calm and pleasant and showed him some respect
not to aid in getting what I wanted
but because we all need a little more respect
very few people respond well to being spat upon
I really need to stop spitting on people; literally and metaphorically
my anger levels are so high that the responses is locked and loaded, waiting to aim and shoot

yesterday's efforts turned into this morning's duties
before work I headed downtown past work towards the DC government building that has this permit office
it was pleasant and virtually painless
got my plans
made some changes
handed them back in for review....AGAIN
they wanted me to wait
the permit should be ready today
but.....I HAVE TO WORK!
what good is the permit if I do not have a job?
one gentleman was kind enough to give me his number so I can confirm that it is ready before I head down there
but as if yet he has not answered
I will call again
no answer
I hate to think that I need to head down there again
but I fear I must
no boss to ask permission from
guess I may have to just borrow one of the company couriers to drive me down there or hop on my bike
the car courier thing sounds a tad more responsible

this post was supposed to be about Mr. Permit and his female incarnation
you are bright enough to build the image yourself
there are women in this subculture
one who calls herself Permit Girl with an embroidered bag and all!
that is pretty much all I know about her
but it does seem that more people down there are Permit Runners than contractors or homeowners

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