My Landcruiser....
so I am trying to sell my 20 year old truck
I have had all sorts of calls with all sorts of questions
most of the questions could be answered before calling me if the people paid attention to the make, model, and year....

"does it have driver side airbags?"
did any car have airbags in 1984....no
expand from there

"does it have a sunroof?"
did that make or model have a sunroof....no
expand from there

"is the truck clean?"
the truck is 20 years old, it is a truck, it is a truck....did I mention that it is 20 years old....no
expand from there

does the ac work?
there is ac for that make and model....but it does not work
(if you are looking for creature comforts......this is not your car.....it is a truck....not an POSH SUV....A TRUCK....it drives like a tractor....it that is what you are looking for...a covered tractor...then this is your vehicle...if not....look forward and further)

if people paid more attention to the make, model, and the price they would have a better idea what they are talking about

thus far I have spent more time talking people out of buying the truck than coming to see it
I have tried to give people directions to see it and offered to send pictures
you would be shocked at the number of calls from people without email or internet
these are the people without MAPQUEST and many of these people are the same people without a clue....

those are also the people without knowledge of bluebook value or other asking prices for such a vehicle, but I am not trying to rip anyone off
I am trying to sell a great truck; a truck that has served me well; a truck with many years of life left in it

"I am looking for a first car for my son..."
this is not the right car for him...stopping distance and handling are not like new cars
the way kids drive today....talking on the cell phone while taking the driver's test...I would be scared to see 4 high school kids coming down the road in an '84 Landcruiser

"I am looking for a car to take my kids to and from school..."
this may not be the car for your....it takes a few minutes to start and a few minutes to warm up on the cold days.....and sometimes on the warm days....not the car for Mr. Mom
(for less money there must be a Honda Accord out there that would suit such needs)

there have also been some other interested callers
people have looked at it
some people have already tried to haggle me down
but I have not arranged any test drives as I have not had the time
and have not wanted to waste my time
wanted to set aside last sunday.....but got called into work
wanted one day where all interested people came by
as two nights this week I have been on full dad duty...not possible to show the truck with Dean running one way and Grant crawling at turbo speed the other

if the truck does not sell this week with the forever dropping price (now $2,000)
looks like I will just donate it to whomever
but not the JAWS of LIFE
as this truck still has too much life in it to have it be torn appart by the Rescue Squad and their hydralic toys
Donate it to a foundation that will sell it and profit from it
maybe I will just trade it in for 50 cents when I buy another car

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