Random Blogs

BLOGGER is funny....
I have been blogging pretty steady for roughly a year now....
when I first started I had the standard free service. On the top of the free service BLOG pages it always amused me how there would be advertising for products that pertained to the topics that had been blogged about recently. Now, there seems to be a different feature, NEXT BLOG. This is a great time killer. Check it out!

here is a fun random page that I was sent to
I love the tough guy gang signals and the sparkly background
Asian Gang Blog?

This guy...
honestly I did not read much about him
but I did get into his information about life in the 1500's and the root of all sorts of old adadeges

then there are BLOGS from all over the world....many in Spanish, some Malaysian, and then this PERSIAN BLOG....at least this one had a link to translate or offer an English option
I think I may want to blog in another language....mix it up...make it interesting

rather than using any of these links
maybe it is best for people to just try the NEXT BLOG function on different BLOGGER pages
it is a great way to kill time
hope it is not a good way to get fired
trying to justify my actions by thinking that I am the only one in the office
so it is best that I stay at my desk rather than wandering the building doing some of the Service Pack 2 work that I need to finish before the end of next week.....

and if you want to stay in the DC area
here is the DC BLOGGER MAP
it does not host all of the DC BLOGGERS
as a matter of fact it does not even host me
but it does have a long enough list that it may keep people entertained

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