Time to Get Back on Track.

Okay, it is time to get back on track. Those small pockets of moisture are again starting to gather and group to form into that omnious BLACK CLOUD. Time to get PROACTIVE.
This morning I have taken small actions that should have been taken sooner....

My '84 Landcruiser must be sold. Enough time has passed. Although I am still greatly attached to this rusty old beast I must let it go. This truck has served me well, but it does not suit my needs as a father. It just is not practical for a father's needs. An ad has been placed in the Washington Post for this SUNDAY. I hope to sell the truck Sunday Evening....Wishful thinking?
Yes, but if I do not sell it by Monday Night....I will take steps to donate it by Wednesday.
(then I need to buy something.....what should I buy...what should I buy? I may ask my friend Phil what he thinks of his Honda Element...or go with the poor man's Passat...the Subaru Wagon)

The Shenandoah Mountain 100 off road mountainbike race is behind me. Mission Accomplished. I raced it and am pleased with my efforts. It was a daunting undertaking that caused me some un-needed stress. With that event behind me I started to slack on the cycling. Time to get back on the bike. Yes, the cab that hit me has added to that list of excuses as to why I am not riding. If I am going to slow my riding I should also slow my eating or I will be fatter than Tom Turkey on Thanksgiving and more plump than Santa on Christmas. Time to dust off the CYCLOCROSS bike and get the legs over that thing.....still a few mountian races as well.

The PERMIT and The DECK is also something that needs to move forward. Fall is upon us and the mosquito count is dropping. Fall could be a great time for the deck....not sure what I need to do to get this Permit through this Third World Process....but I need the Permit in hand and start banging my thumb with a hammer again.

What else....
What else.......

sure I need to clean the garage and the basement
but those are tasks that will always loom over every husband's head
first things first
time to move forward with these things on my list
(don't be fooled that this is all that is on the list.....these are just the greatest priority)

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